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Brand New! The Ultimate Shine Cradle
Custom Printed Retail Bags

Why is a Winemaker so interested in packaging? While operating Naylor Wine Cellars we have experienced our share of lost revenue due to lost production during the shipping process. This is the reason thirty-plus years ago we found it necessary to branch out in search of a solution. It seemed like a natural progression that the shipping solution for a Winemaker would come from a Winemaker. Therefore, we began designing and manufacturing our very own, one-of-a-kind packaging solution! 

“Wine packaging Designed by Winemakers” – Dick Naylor

The Ultimate Wine Cradle®

  • Extra Sturdy Construction for the most protection available

  • Quick and Easy to pack and to set-up

  • Folds to conform to many different sizes and shapes of bottles (Coffee flavors, Beer, Salad dressings, Tonics, Olive Oil, Jelly Jars).

  • Trademarked design to stand the test of shipping.


  • Bio-Degradable

  • Quick delivery from our stock

  • Lies flat for easy storage, until you are ready to use it

  • Takes up 1/2 the space of comparative packages

  • Most cases are less than 1/2 of the cost of other forms of shipping boxes

  • Tested and approved by UPS and Federal Express as a preferred method of shipping bottles.

Molded Pulp Shippers in 3, 6 & 12 Bottle Sizes
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